Who will gain promotion to the championship?!

Itís no secret that people who live in other countries watch the English Championship because of how fascinating the league is. Week after week it is impossible to predict the results. As well as this you can never be sure who is can come out on top in the Championship as there are many different teams capable of gaining promotion each season. This makes betting on specific team extremely difficult. This is unlike many other league around the world where only one or 2 teams have the quality to win their games consistently over a whole season.

Currently Leicester are running away with the title and are 1/50 on to win the title and clinch promotion. The battle for the second and third (via the playoffs) spot is much more open. Burnley are favourites to claim the second spot at 1/9, after this itís a close battle between Derby (9/4), Qpr (13/5) and Wigan (13/5). Based on current form you would have to fancy Wigan to charge through in the final games and take this form into the playoffs. But could they be side tracked by their FA cup semi-final. Obviously when betting there are no guarantees of picking a winner.

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