Premier League: The Underdogs

The most eagerly awaited football tournament is underway, and the games so far have been nothing short of exciting and entertaining. Drama is already in the air as some teams try and find their feet on the ground while others are leading the pack with confidence and Úlan.

The top-performing clubs are always on the radar of punters, but any good bookmaker will tell you that real money is to be made by focusing on the underdogs.


A close analysis of the Wolves will make any bookmaker realise that they are performing quite well so far in the new season of the Premier League. Having lost only to Leicester, who by the way is the epitome of underdogs winning the title, Wolverhampton Wanderers' remaining games have ended in a win or a draw.

Starting the season at Molineux Stadium, they managed a 2-2 draw with Everton. Since then, with odds of 250/1 to win the league, they have stayed strong and finished their games against Manchester United and Manchester City in a draw. This has made bettors stand up and took notice of their gameplay.


Not precisely underdogs in the most conventional of ways, Tottenham Spurs have been making it to the top, but then just falling short of the big victory. This makes them a great bet and looking at options from the Freebets.com Coral betting offers page, there are offers galore that punters can use to make the most of the 16/1 odds that the team has of winning the League. Tottenham Spurs' recent three consecutive losses do make them more of an underdog, but then they have also recovered well by defeating Brighton in their last game.

West Ham

There are two ways to look at a team labelled as an underdog. One is to look at their chance for winning the trophy, which can be tricky, but at the same time with odds like 250/1 for West Ham, they can be profitable. The other is for punters to look at the individual games and if the West Ham draw with Chelsea is anything to go by, surprising upsets can be quite profitable on their own. With Manchester United and Brighton coming up next, bettors should be excited about West Ham possibly causing another major defeat or draw.


Returning to the Premier League after four years, Fulham has a lot to prove, but also at the same time getting used to the plays would need adjustment. With odds set a 750/1 for lifting the trophy, the team has a long way to go from its present 15th position on the points table. Taking an overall look at Fulham and considering their initial games which have been all over the place, bettors might be a little sceptical moving forward. Their game with Arsenal in the coming weeks would be an interesting watch as both teams have something to prove. But it is when someone has nothing to lose and everything to gain that we see miracles happen, and Fulham is capable of doing just that.