Premier League 2020-21 Predictions

Being the most popular sport in the world, football is a much-needed source of energy and activity for fans who eagerly wait to see their favourite teams play in different competitions. Amongst the top tournaments in the world is the Premier League, an event that sees some of the best English clubs, featuring the top players, battle it out for ultimate football fame.

As expected, the start of any Premier League season is full of excitement and enthusiasm for its fans. Now, whether it is during the season or around it, loyal fans also tend to keep themselves busy with other football projects. Some earn money by playing football-themed slots on online casinos, where you can also read more about different players. Otherwise, fans participate in online discussions, make fantasy leagues, or enjoy a game or few of Fussball at the local pub or game centre. However, once the season is in play, as it is now, all the focus is on the games. For several fans, it is about supporting their team, while for others, the Premier League is also a fantastic opportunity to make some money by betting on it.

Top Goalscorer

When it comes to picking the winner of the Golden Boot in the Premier League, there are a few usual suspects. These are players that have shown tremendous skills irrespective of how their individual clubs perform during a season. Very much like the past few years, Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah, and Jamie Vardy are all good bets for the top goal scorer in the Premier League. The one somewhat newcomer in this group is Dominic Calvert-Lewin who has managed to score seven goals from five matches already. With his team, Everton, playing at the top of the league, he has succeeded in taking an early lead and is definitely worth a wager or two.

Overall Winner

At the start of the Premier League, Manchester City was, as always, the favourite, even though Liverpool are the current champions. Nevertheless, the initial games have proven that the league can be quite unpredictable and punters are now looking at some of the underdog teams who are causing one upset after another. With Aston Villa having won four back-to-back games, including their massive victory against Liverpool, they make for a phenomenal bet at 150/1 odds right now. Professional punters will tell you that it is best to spread out your wagers, and it is worth placing a few bets on Manchester City and Liverpool. However, it would be best if you also kept a watch over Everton, Aston Villa, and Leicester City during these coming weeks.


Most pundits predicted Fulham to be a top contender for the bottom three in the Premier League, and it seems they were right. Having lost five and drawn one during their first six games, it will be extremely tough for the club to make any impact unless something dramatic happens soon. Sheffield United and Burnley are the other two teams that you need to follow if planning to bet on which Premier League teams will be relegated at the end of the season.

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