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Since opening in November 2007, Stadium:MK spent the first 7 years with only the lower tier kitted out with seating. However, it's now been completed and the total capacity is now an impressive 30,500. There are no bad seats in the house and it's a fantastic stadium for a club at this level.

Away Fans

Up to 3,000 visiting supporters can be accommodated and are situated in the north end of the stadium. The view of the action is unrestricted and leg room is very spacious. Facilities are fantastic and the concourse is inside the stadium rather than underneath meaning you can actually continue watching the game whilst buying your hot dogs or pies. A fantastic addition to a very smart stadium.

Stadium Layout

Stadium MK seating plan:

Stadium MK seating plan

Where To Drink

The Beacon is around a five-minute walk away otherwise it's a 20 minute walk into Bletchley where there are a few pubs to be found. The Enigma Tavern on Saxon Street being one of them. In Milton Keynes centre there are a number of bars located adjacent to the main shopping centre, or within walking distance of Milton Keynes Central station. If you come out of the station you go straight up Midsummer Boulevard in front of you, then after around five minutes walk you will find a Wetherspoons outlet called the 'Secklow Hundred'. If you're looking for something to eat, there's a KFC and a McDonalds situated just next to the stadium.


There are approximately 2,000 car parking spaces at the stadium, which are available at a cost of £5 per vehicle. Alternatively you're able to park in the Denbigh West industrial estate.

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By Train

Milton Keynes Central is the main railway station and the most likely one that you'll arrive at. It is however, approximately four miles away from the stadium and therefore a taxi ride from the rank directly outside the train station is a very likely bet.

The nearest railway station station to MK Dons' Stadium:MK is Bletchley. From here you're approximately 30 minutes walk away so I'd advise to jump into one of the waiting taxi's at the rank outside. Alternatively, you can walk into the town centre and hop onto one of the buses at the main bus station.

The Games To See

Rivals - Northampton, Wycombe


Aaron Dennis, 21 February, 2015 - Milton Keynes Dons v Peterborough

Travel: I got the train up from London which was relatively pain free, and impressively cheap on the trainline! Arriving early, i walked to the town which was a fair jaunt through numerable concrete obstacles and office blocks. I grabbed some lunch and jumped on a bus to the stadium, which took a solid 30 minutes to get to in light traffic. All in all, it was a bit of a nightmare to get to as the stadium really is in the middle of nowhere.

Refreshments: On the walk from the main station to the town there is a Wetherspoons if you need to grab lunch and a beer. Pub wise, in the town that really is it from what I saw. It's not really a town centre, but more a massive shopping centre. Have a few beers and lunch in spoons and then walk back to the station to catch a bus to the ground as there really isn't much else to tempt football fans to the town centre.

Impressions: First off, it's in the middle of nowhere. Probably a good 3 miles from the town centre, and only the stadium hotel and a sports shop next to it in the car park. Outside, it's a really impressive new build: Large and imposing and that's only confirmed further when you enter. It's massive, and really well laid out. Unfortunately, it just lacks soul. Don't get me wrong, the fans obviously love their football but it all just seems so fabricated and hollow. It feels incredibly Americanised, for lack of a better word. Large adverts everywhere and kids flying flags with hotel sponsorships on them as the players entered only made things worse for me. There was a section of MK fans singing, but they were out sung by the small following of Peterborough fans who did impressively well to keep up their spirits for 60 or so minutes, despite their team getting played off the pitch and losing 3 - 0. You only realised there was a large Dons following when a goal was scored, but other than that it was pretty dull.

Facilities: Facilities wise, if you come to stadium MK you're basically going to find the best in the championship, and certainly up there with bigger clubs. It's brand new so everything is spot on - massive toilets, plenty of places to eat, helpful staff, comfortable seats and a great view. Being a bit more 'professional' than other places, food is expensive however.

Exit: Nightmare. The stadium, was nowhere near full (I'd say it was at about 1/3rd capacity) and i even left 5 minutes early knowing i had to get the dreaded bus back to the station, but it was still a massive ordeal to get anywhere. With 90% of the crowd leaving by either car, coach or bus the roads where absolutely rammed. Waited 25 minutes for a bus, and once i was onto one it took a solid 40 minutes to get back into town.

Enjoy: It's not for me. It had a lack of atmosphere and has so far has been the least favourite ground on my travels. The stadium itself is impressive but they need premier ship football to fill the seats and get some atmosphere going. Now they are in the Championship, that may become a little more of a reality but based on my visit, I certainly wouldn't rush back again.


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Ground Name: Stadium MK
Capacity: 30,500 (all seated)
Address: Denbigh, Milton Keynes, MK1 1ST
Main Tel No.: 01908 622 922
Team Nickname: The Dons
Year Ground Opened: 2008
Site: www.mkdons.co.uk
Online Shop: MK Dons FC Photos


Stadium:MK Panoramic, MK Dons FC
Stadium:MK Panoramic, MK Dons FC
Stadium:MK Panoramic, MK Dons FC
Stadium:MK Panoramic, MK Dons FC
Exterior, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
Exterior, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
Exterior, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
Exterior, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
East Stand, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
East Stand, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
North Stand, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
North Stand, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
South Stand, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
South Stand, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
South Stand, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
South Stand, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
West Stand, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC
West Stand, Stadium MK, MK Dons FC