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Stadium Info

The PTS Academy Stadium, more commonly known as Sixfields stadium, has four covered single tier stands, the largest of which, being the West (main) Stand which has a capacity of approximately 4,000. It is situated along the side of the pitch. The North and South stands are both of similar height and shape. The East Stand is still under construction, Up above the North end is a large grass bank where kids tend to gather in order to get a view of the game for free. They're only able to see the far goal but it does make you wonder why you've paid £20 to get in sometimes.

Away Fans

Visiting supporters sit in the South Stand, which holds just under 1000. All seats offer unobstructed views although if possible, try to avoid the back rows as there's very little leg room for some reason. Fans do have to queue to buy a ticket outside the ground and then queue again at the turnstiles. A procedure that hasn't changed since the ground was owned by the council.

Stadium Layout

Sixfields Stadium seating plan:

Sixfields Stadium seating plan

Where To Drink

There are a few pubs on the way through from the Town Centre and Train Station which is handy. You have The Rover, which is a nice pub situated five minute walk away from Sixfields towards the Northampton Saints rugby ground.

Near the ground, if you want food, you have the obvious places such as McDonalds and Burger King to pick from. There are many restaurants with TGI Fridays, Old Orleans and Bella Italia, or even Frankie and Benny's and Buddies USA .


Parking at the stadium is available in a fair sized car park priced at £3 per vehicle. It's rare that it gets full but still worth arriving early to choose the best spot for a quick and easy escape after the game. Street parking is limited in the immediate vicinity but can be find if needed within 5-10 minutes walk of the stadium.

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By Train

The nearest / closest train station to Northampton Town's Sixfields Stadium is Northampton rail. To walk to the stadium go outside the train station (up the steps) and turn right. Walk roughly 500 metres down the road bearing right, until you get to the Bus Depot opposite the Chip Shop. Cross rd at Zebra crossing, then keep walking in the same direction. Bear to the left hand side of the left road when the road forks into two and you should eventually pass the Rugby Ground. Keep walking past the new housing development and up the hill bearing left, then eventually you will come to Halford's. Head past this until you come to a new path going past a fenced area on your left and a huge building and car park straight ahead. Follow this path and turn right at the end and you should see the Sixfields Leisure Complex. The stadium is now down to your left.

The Games To See

Rivals - Peterborough, MK Dons


Debbie Smaje, 29 March, 2013 - Northampton Town v Torquay United

Travel: The football and rugby grounds are well signposted as soon as you leave the motorway. Parking is surprisingly good for a retail park stadium too, with two little patches of waste ground to the South end of the ground holding quite a lot of cars, that even with a decent sized crowd when I went, were nowhere near full. Bit of a pain to get out though, only because it seems most of the fans head back in the direction of the town centre after the game, meaning you are sat at a roundabout waiting to go and there are literally two solid non stop lanes of traffic coming! Difficult to find a gap! But other than that, just a simple straight run back to the M1. I was home by midnight, which was excellent going.

Refreshments: The ground is on a retail park, and quite a big one so take your pick of the usual! Wish I'd been slightly earlier as I'd have gone for the chinese buffet! Or even waited until I got into the ground, as they have the same pie suppliers as Swindon and Bristol City!

Impressions: A little dull and basic. The North, East and South Stands are very small, only about 9 rows in each, while the big West Stand is reminiscent of Swindon's Don Rogers Stand. It also means the concourses are a little disappointing outside that West Stand, which also teases you with glass on the outside so you can see into the nice little indoor concourses with their Sky TV and beer then you head through the turnstiles into the North Stand and find everything exposed to the elements, no beer, no TV, and the worst ladies toilets in the League! Yes, even worse than York's portakabin!

Atmosphere: Surprisingly good. Wasn't expecting much, but with Northampton going for a promotion, there was a decent crowd on, the officials were terrible which I think always adds to the atmosphere too, and the place went crazy when O'Donovan scored a late winner. Unlike a lot of grounds too, it seemed to coming from lots of different areas of the ground, not just one area doing all the work and the rest joining in when they felt like it.

Anything Else: Northampton are a bit useless in the sense that you must buy a ticket from the ticket office before you can go in, so no cash turnstiles. Which would be fine, but they were obscenely slow, and don't have internet ticket sales. They also don't have turnstile numbers on the tickets, and they're actually manned and not electronic ones, so makes you wonder why you can't pay on the gate!

Enjoy: A little on the dull side, and pretty disorganised, but a good atmosphere definitely gives it something.


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Ground Name: Sixfields Stadium
Capacity: 7,653 (all seated)
Address: Sixfields Stadium, Northampton, NN5 5QA
Main Tel No.: 01604 683 700
Team Nickname: The Cobblers
Year Ground Opened: 1994
Site: www.ntfc.co.uk
Online Shop: NTFC Photos


Sixfields Stadium Panoramic, Northampton Town FC
Sixfields Stadium Panoramic, Northampton Town FC
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Reception Exterior, Sixfield Stadium, Northampton Town FC
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Over the North Stand, Sixfield Stadium, Northampton Town FC
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Tunnel, Sixfield Stadium, Northampton Town FC
South Stand, Sixfield Stadium, Northampton Town FC
South Stand, Sixfield Stadium, Northampton Town FC
North Stand, Sixfield Stadium, Northampton Town FC
North Stand, Sixfield Stadium, Northampton Town FC
East Stand Before Demolition, Sixfield Stadium, Northampton Town FC
East Stand Before Demolition, Sixfield Stadium, Northampton Town FC
West Stand, Sixfield Stadium, Northampton Town FC
West Stand, Sixfield Stadium, Northampton Town FC