Best World Cup Moments

The world cup over the years has given us some brilliant and unforgettable moments. The Tournament is one of the most anticipated in the entire globe. Today we shall go over some of the moments that defined the tournament and make it one to look forward to.

A Bite Towards The Competition

It was 2014 when Uruguay faced the Italian giants. Things got heated quickly, and eventually, Suarez, with his record of biting the competition, quickly jumped to old habits and took a little nip at Chiellini. Suarez was quick to reject the claims, but after Chiellini showed what seemed to be bite marks on his shoulder Suarez was banned for the longest ban in world cup history … 9 long matches. It did not work out for Tyson and certainly did not work out for Suarez or Uruguay.

The Time Senegal Shook The World

France was the top-ranked team in 2002 after winning the World Cup in 1998, the Euros in 2000, and the Confederations Cup in 2001. Senegal's first-ever appearance in a World Cup tournament felt like a foregone conclusion that France had an easy victory. Bettors who made the bet against France jumped through the roof with excitement when Senegal knocked down the French confidence winning them with a 1-0 score. This not only shook the world but created a whirlwind of giant earning for anyone who dared bet against the French Champions, If you’re looking to bet on the World Cup it’s recommended to check out tips for World Cup Betting before doing so, who knows maybe with some quick tips you too can bet against the sure champs.

The Humiliation on Home Ground

It was 2014 and unfortunate for the Brazilians who had never lost a single home game since 1975 were about to get sent back to the stone age. To make the whole ordeal worse, Brazil lost the World Cup to Germany in a humiliating 7-1 defeat in the semi-finals, shocking the entire world, shattering Brazilian fans and the Germans left no room for mercy.

It’s not the first rodeo for Barca, they’ve been European champions on five occasions and are keen to relive past glory. The heart-breaking exit to Liverpool in last year’s Champions League semi-final still lingers with a bad taste in the mouths of those behind Barca. Oddly, Barcelona captain Lionel Messi hasn’t been so optimistic and has expressed his concerns for Barca’s hopes and dreams of ECL glory this season;

The Bigger The Team The Harder They Fall

In World Cup history, this was the largest defeat for a reigning champion and the biggest defeat for a top-ranked team. As the top-ranked team in the world, the Germans were expected to repeat as World Cup winners in 2018. Having lost to Mexico in their opener, things went from bad to far worse once they were shocked by South Korea later on in the tournament.
For the first time in World Cup history, Germany failed to move beyond the group stage.

The Mysterious Header?

It was 1982, Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, Mexico. Argentina is facing England in the finals. Maradona scores the most controversial goal in history nicknamed the Hand of God, breaking England's spirits. Not soon after It took the small Argentinian 60 yards of dribbling to get the ball into the net after he collected a pass from midfield and put on a display in front of five English defenders.

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