Check out the biggest stadiums in the Premier League

It is no secret that the Premier League has some of the biggest stadiums in the world, with many of these football teams among the most famous. These top clubs like Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool have millions of supporters all around the world, therefore they rarely have a problem selling out games because fans are so eager to see their team live.

Due to this, we have continued to see a number of stadiums expanded in a variety of different ways, with examples of additional seats having been utilized. Indeed, this allows for more fans to be able to get into seats and cheer on their teams, thus also increasing the revenues that are generated.

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With 20 of the world’s best stadiums found in football available in the Premier League, here are just a handful of the very best!

Etihad Stadium

Manchester City, the league's most dominant team at the moment, plays in one of the league's largest stadiums. The Club has expanded and gathered a sizable following, as they amassed supporters due to performances over the years. One of the grounds that should be seen is the beautiful Etihad stadium, which fosters a tremendous atmosphere in addition to the top talent showcased on the field. The stadium has a capacity of over 55,000.

London Stadium

The old athletics facility, which was made solely for an edition of the Olympics, was converted and given to Premier League team West Ham, who relocated from their previous home facility. Fans find it challenging to engage in matches from the stands in their 60,000 capacity stadium, because the pitch is noted for having a large area. Even though West Ham lost some of their connection to the fans, they were able to acquire one of the most stunning stadiums in the nation.

Emirates Stadium

Arsenal relocated to the Emirates in 2006, leaving behind their former stadium, which was dismantled, and the stadium became another magnificent venue in the Premier League. The Emirates is a wonderful stadium with excellent angles, upgraded facilities, and has capacity that is one of the largest in the league. The Emirates has a capacity of nearly 60,000, so the Arsenal fans also show up in their numbers.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The totally contemporary Tottenham Hotspur Ground which has a capacity of over 62,000, has taken the place of Spurs' longtime home stadium, the White Hart Lane. It contains an American Football field which is included to handle NFL games in London, along with enormous screens in each of the four corners, excellent views from every angle, and other features. One of the best athletic arenas in the world has undoubtedly been constructed by Spurs, which gives the best experience to supporters.

Old Trafford Stadium

The renowned home stadium of many legends is known as The Theatre Of Dreams. The home stadium of Manchester United is unquestionably outstanding. Old Trafford has been packed despite recent struggles for the team and success for rivals City. Even when the team was performing poorly, the crowd would still show up. Over the last 15 years, the average attendance never fell below 70,000. Approximately 74,000 people can fit in the stadium.

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