Football And Betting

Do football and the betting industry go hand in hand?

Sports betting and casino gambling are taking up more and more of our time, even though many try to ignore it or turn it into a taboo subject. Since they adapted quickly and now you can play even on your phone, the chances of it decreasing in popularity are slim. Smart online gambling is easy if you use the offers provided by, but betting seems a tad more complex. One of the reasons related to that is how the betting industry raised itself on the love of football supporters.

Of course, there is an inherent connection between large sports competitions and the fans that want to wager their money on the eventual outcome. A large attraction to a match or competition will prompt a lot of other connected activities to take place: huge supporter choreographies before and during the matches, watch parties, betting and so on. It is no wonder that a titan like football has its strong outlining connections to the betting firms and sites.

Nobody can describe the football phenomenon as something less than colossal. And that is not just from the huge amount of money invested by amateur and pro bettors. Each team, especially the ones with a huge history, has a dedicated following that promotes merchandise, supports the team in championships, engages in fan support online, follows the team wherever they need to be and even categorizes stadiums in through cataloging. There is no doubt that investing money in their favourite team and its success is something ordinary for die-hard fans. The most notable proof, after the sold-out stadiums, is the staggering number of bets placed on football.

According to the UK Gambling Commission, that publishes the total numbers and statistics twice a year, gambling has been on a steady average compared to the last season. There has been an increase in remote gambling (bingo included), while domestic betting shops and land-based casinos have seen a slight decreased in the last year. The lowered edge is not mind-boggling, but it does come in the context of the famous UK 0% tax on gambling winnings, and the 15% levy that sites of this profile need to pay, calculated off their earnings.

In this environment, football betting is just behind dog racing in all the latest reported numbers with a turnover of close 950 million pounds and a GGY (Gross Gambling Yield) of almost 225 million pounds (all stats are coming from course betting). Considering these large numbers and the undoubtable love and support that surrounds this sport, locally and worldwide, it is safe to say that football has close ties to the betting industry. It is even plausible to affirm that from the most popular European sports football has the strongest numbers in the gross total of betting and profits.

Even though the most viewed matches are from Premier League or UEFA Champions League, men-only matches, women’s football has gained attraction on both sides of the pond. That might be a shock to some, but examples from the history of games similar to what is now modern-day football, show this is nothing new as women were allowed and loved to play “Tsu Chu” (the Ancient Chinese equivalent), as it can be seen from frescoes dated back to the Han Dynasty.

Not only this, but it seems that even Guinness World Records reflects the love of the people for this sensation. Thus, a quick browse can show you interesting facts such as the highest number of consecutive passes being 596 (QOAPCO team in Qatar in 2014) or the fact that the oldest active player is 73 years old and currently plays in Israel.

The bottom line is simple and intuitive. The more people and attraction an event gets, the higher the chance it has to attract bettors. It could be that these people are just fans of the game and want to add an extra layer of excitement to it, but it also could be that there are people who do it professionally and want to use the large pools in their favour. In the end, when we crunch the numbers, the reason behind it does not matter. What is important is that the relation between the event and the betting around it gets exponentially stronger when the number of fans is increased.

We leave you on some advice. No matter your reason for gambling or the amount of love you have for your local team, please make sure that you put the fun in front of the gambling, and only do the latter responsibly!

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