Foreign Betting

How Foreign Football Betting Practices Differ from the UK

Foreign Betting

The sports betting industry is growing rapidly around the world, with millions of people placing bets on various events every day. The most popular sport in this category is football, as it has a large list of teams and high odds. However, football betting regulations differ from country to country. Besides, there are options for non UK sports wagering where it's possible to support favourite teams. In this text, we have taken a closer look at the trends in the UK market and what types of bets are most popular. In addition, we looked at the different rules and legalisation in Europe, Brazil, and China.

The UK Is the Most Developed Market

The United Kingdom is a leader in football betting, and for residents of the country, placing bets on weekend competitions is as familiar as shopping for groceries. Interest in football bets is driven by the international fan base of the English Premier League, played at Wembley. It has a long history and is deeply integrated into the nation's culture and economy.

The UK is known for its strict regulatory system, so people are not afraid to try to make money from sports events. British bookmakers offer a huge number of markets for football wagering, including both traditional fixed odds and real-time bets, where the rates change during the match. The most popular among fans are staking on the outcome of the match, the number of goals, and specific players. Also, many fans bet on the number of yellow or red cards and other statistical indicators.
Where Sports Betting Is Prohibited

Unfortunately, there are countries that do not support the trend of gambling and sports wagering, and as a result, they lose the opportunity for additional economic growth. Usually, states do not want to legalise this type of leisure due to the fear of gambling addiction, religious beliefs, and lack of understanding of how to manage such a market. For example, in Islamic countries, gambling is considered dishonest and sinful. Here is a list of the main countries where it’s impossible to place legal bets on football events:

1. Afghanistan;
2. Vatican City;
3. Yemen;
4. Indonesia;
5. Macau;
6. Malaysia;
7. United Arab Emirates;
8. Pakistan;
9. Saudi Arabia;
10. Singapore.

The European Approach

Europe has a diverse and multifaceted approach to sports betting regulation, as it comprises more than 40 countries. Each country has its unique legislative framework, cultural characteristics, and level of technology integration in the football betting industry. Let's take a closer look at some of the countries below.


After Italy won Euro 2020 and became the second football champion in history, the sport's popularity has increased many times over. The local population is known for carefully weighing the odds and placing calculated bets. Since Serie A does not have low scores, Italian bookmakers prefer the ‘under 2.5 goals’ bet.

In addition, the country has a long history of gambling regulation, and all rights to control the sector are held by the AAMS, similar to the UKGC. The difference from the UK is that in 2019, the Italian government introduced strict restrictions on gambling advertising to protect young people and vulnerable groups.


Spain is another country where football is not just a game but a way of life, a source of pride, and an opportunity to get together with friends. Football clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid are household names around the world. The most popular bets among bookmakers are those on individual player performance and combined bets.

Many Spaniards place their bets emotionally rather than rationally and usually support the favourite rather than the odds or winnings. There are also certain restrictions on gambling advertising in the country, and all bookmakers must be licensed by the DGOJ to provide services.


Nowhere else does football bring together people of different social statuses and ages like in Brazil. The country has a huge football heritage thanks to 5 World Cup wins by the Brazilian national team. The most popular bets in the market are accumulator rates that combine many options into one. Yes, they have high risks, but they can bring great rewards. Many children in the country dream of becoming football stars and strive to improve their status through success in this sport.


Football trends are gaining influence in China, and eSports is following along with them. The younger generation is particularly interested in games such as FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. However, Chinese legislation strictly prohibits betting activities. Despite this, there are many other underground platforms where it’s possible to support your favourite team. Currently, the country is attracting a large amount of international investment in the Chinese Super League. There is great hope that football betting will also be available in the near future.

Final Thoughts

Football wagering is a global phenomenon that is followed by millions of people every day. There are significant differences in football betting practices between the UK and other parts of the world. This is influenced by different regulatory frameworks, market diversity, technology integration, and cultural relations. Besides, there are some countries where it's impossible to bet on and support your favourite teams. The UK remains a high-profile example due to its good regulation, player safety, and continuous process improvement. The more countries that promote the legalisation of sports betting and gambling, the better the global economy will grow. The main thing is to place bets deliberately and responsibly, as promoted by football clubs!

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