Mastering Betting

Mastering Advanced Football Betting Terms for Bigger Payouts

Mastering Betting

Many statistical parameters are used in football analytics. Numbers alone usually mean nothing. They always need to be considered in the context of the situation: how a particular match developed, the style of play of the team, and the tactical formation. Let’s consider what types of bets exist, what they mean, and what results they bring.

Consider Key Advanced Football Betting Terms

Before placing a bet on your favourite football team or a good player, it’s worth understanding that there is a specific terminology. It may not be clear at first, but we will shed some light on it below.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is a special bet in which the main indicator is written as a decimal with two digits after the whole number. This bet can also be placed with both a ‘+’ and ‘-’ sign. It means the advantage of the team on which the bet is placed. In a bookmaker's office, the main index can be written as -0.75, +1.25, -2.75, etc.

However, the main feature of this type of bet is the way it’s calculated. The Asian handicap involves not one, but two outcomes, and the bet amount is evenly divided in half for each of them.

Expected Goals (xG)

This type of bet allows the calculation of the number of goals for both teams, each shot is valued at a value from 0.01 to 1. Looking at each player through the expected goals parameter, it’s possible to see which player scores easy or difficult goals, as well as their efficiency. Here is a list of Here is a list of parameters that a bettor should consider:

1. Where was the goal taken from? From what distance or angle?
2. What type of pass was used? For example, a cross, a ball on the ground, a shot, a standard, a free kick, a rebound, etc.
3. What preceded the action?
4. What part of the body was used to make the kick?

Double Chance

This is one of the most popular bets especially for the Premier League, because it always offers a high chance of winning. All basic outcomes for a particular football event are marked with just three options: 1, 2, and X. This is what they mean:

1 - the first team will win. The home team is usually indicated first.
2 - the second team will win. This is the team that is visiting the home team.
X - a draw.

In double odds bets, we use the symbols ‘1X’, ‘X2’ and ‘12’. The symbol ‘1X’ is applied to bets on 2 outcomes at once: either the first team will win or there will be a draw. In both cases, it’s possible to get a win. A loss is possible only if the second team wins.

By analogy with the previous marking, ‘X2’ implies that the team that was invited to the match will win, or there will be a draw. The double chance ‘12’ indicates that either the first team will win or the second team will lose. The loss in such a bet will be a tie.

Choose the Best Payout Gambling Sites

To be successful in such a kind of activity as football betting, it’s necessary not only to have knowledge about the game and understand specific terms and strategies but also to be able to choose good platforms. Football fans opt for sites offering the highest payouts as they provide more rewarding gambling experiences.

Among the main parameters of the top-paying online casinos are good reputation, valid licence, amount of payment options, available promotions and qualified customer support.

Explore Niche Betting Markets

We have covered the basic terms above, but there are also more advanced types. Therefore, it’s worth exploring other market opportunities besides betting on a win, draw, or loss.

Over/Under (Total Goals):

In over/under bets, players bet on whether the total number of points scored will exceed a certain number of goals set by the bookmaker. Unlike other forms of sports betting, it does not matter who wins or by what score, the only thing that counts is the final total score. For example, a stake on “over 2.5 goals” wins if three or more goals are achieved in a match.

Draw No Bet:

Such a stake requires concentration on the victory of one of the teams, but if the match ends in a draw, the bet is returned. This reduces the risk of losing money, but the odds are lower than for a straight win.

Conduct Advanced Statistical Analysis in Football Betting

For a better and more accurate result, it’s also better to remember in-depth game analysis. Everything is important here, such as the percentage of ball possession, the number of shots on goal, the number of missed targets, and much more.

With the ever-growing popularity of sports betting, understanding these nuances can give you a significant edge over the bookmaker. Only in the UK football betting has grown significantly, reaching £1.34 billion in annual turnover in 2024. Let’s consider what types of bets exist, what they mean, and what results they bring.

There is also a probability analysis based on the study of the team's average wins or losses, injuries, etc. Besides, it’s also possible to apply regression statistics, machine learning, and Monte Carlo simulations.

Final Words

Understanding and using advanced football betting terms can significantly increase the chances of success. Each type of bet has its unique features and advantages. In addition, in-depth statistical analysis of the game is a key component of a successful strategy.

Reputable online gambling sites prioritise high payouts and offer a wide range of secure payment options for deposits and withdrawals, ensuring players a fair and convenient experience.

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