Two Stadiums for the Qatar 2022 World Cup That Deserve Praise


The 2022 Qatar World Cup has some incredible stadiums and due to the fact that the FIFA World Cup is held in Qatar, this event will go down in the history books as being the most unique country to host the World Cup compared to others. In addition to this, the competition will be conducted for the very first time in the months of November and December. This is because Qatar is so scorchingly hot during the traditional summer months and it was the only option to ensure the safety of the footballers and the travelling fans.

So far, the Qatar 2022 World Cup has proven to be very entertaining, we have seen great goals, thrilling drama and shocking upsets. One fixture that shocked the world was Saudi Arabia beating Argentina 2-1 and ending their 36-winning streak. We can anticipate that there will be more drama as the tournament progresses, therefore, you should get in on the action and use this 1xbet promo code. When you have used this promotional code, you will be able to wager on multiple markets throughout the Qatar World Cup, the best factor about this promo code is the fact that you will be given fantastic odds, bonuses, promotions and much more. Nevertheless, as previously stated, Qatar has built incredible stadiums to host this intense event and within this article, we will be looking at two stadiums that deserve a mention.

Al Bayt Stadium

One of the most noteworthy stadiums for the World Cup 2022 is called Al Bayt. This stadium has a capacity of 60,000 seats and it will play home to five matches during the group stage. It will also host one of the round 16 matchups, one of the quarterfinal matches and one semi-final match. The stadium's beautiful tent structure envelops an amazing football stadium. The stadium was inspired by the Bayt al sha'ar, the traditional dwelling of Qatar's nomadic people.

This venue is what's known as a "green stadium," which essentially means that it is eco-friendly when compared to venues located in other parts of the globe. In addition to this, the design seems to follow a slightly seashell look, which further contributes to its singularity and sets it apart from other designs. The Al Bayt stadium was used for the opening ceremony of the World Cup.

Lusail Stadium

If you thought that the Al Bayt Stadium's capacity of 60,000 was remarkable, you are going to be even more surprised by the fact that the Lusail Stadium can accommodate 80,000 people. This particular stadium is the biggest venue when compared to the other Qatar World Cup stadiums for the total number of seats it can accommodate for fans.

When seen from the outside, the Lusail Stadium shimmers with a golden hue that reflects the sunshine. Additionally, the round layout of the stadium, which has tiers of varying heights all around its perimeter, is a sight to behold. If it wasn't impressive enough, the whole stadium is surrounded by a circular body of water, which gives it an even more dazzling appearance.

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