Football Rivalries!

Football Rivalries!

Liverpool is one of the world's greatest footballing cities and is home to two of the biggest clubs in England. Liverpool and Everton are two colossal football teams and both have featured regularly among England's elite for decades in the top flight. Although both sides have struggled to win trophies in recent years, the long-standing history between the two clubs have ensured that the rivalry remains fierce.

Despite this, many people often refer to the Merseyside Derby as the 'Friendly Derby'. This is mainly because fans of both clubs are allowed to sit with one another on matchdays, rather than sitting at opposite ends of the ground. While this can cause a slightly unique atmosphere on the terraces, it shows that, although these two clubs don't like each other on the field, there are signs of togetherness in Merseyside.

Everton have been nothing but supportive to Liverpool throughout the years but none more so than in the aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster. 96 Reds lost their lives that day and the Toffees have been one of the most supportive clubs in recent years. Everton acknowledged that, despite their rivalry on the field, an incident like that just puts everything into perspective and helps to bring enemies closer together.

With less than one mile between the two grounds, this is a genuine local derby and the people of Liverpool are split on their clubs. You won't find many born and bred Liverpudlians who support a team outside of their city. They are a proud bunch and, while they can get incredibly feisty at the Merseyside Derby, they are just showing their passion and interest in the team. For more information and news on the clash, visit They can also keep you updated on the latest odds and tips on a number of different sports, including football.

Anfield is slightly bigger than Goodison Park and can hold approximately 45,000 supports while Everton's ground can accommodate 40,000. Historically, the Toffees have been in Liverpool's shadow for the majority of the post-war period. The Reds have recorded five Champions League triumphs and have won 18 league titles during their illustrious history. While it is unlikely that the Reds will win the title this season, they could finish in the top four. For odds and tips on Liverpool's chances, visit

Everton haven't managed to make as much of an impact in terms of trophies but they have held their own whenever the two clubs have met in the Premier League. The Toffees have avoided defeat in five of the last six Merseyside derby matches and will be looking to improve on that impressive recent record throughout the 2015-16 campaign.

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