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When Will Spurs' Stadium Actually be Ready?

On the 15th September, Tottenham were due to welcome Liverpool to be their first opponents in a new era at the club as the new 62,062-seater Stadium on half of the old White Hart Lane site was officially unveiled to the world for competitive action.

However, as with most building projects these days, delays have proved costly both in a financial sense and to the club's ego as now the outspoken bookmaker Paddy Power has started to accept bets on whether the club will actually play a game in their new stadium this season.

This is because of a number of mishaps that has caused the delay in the project being carried out by Northumberland Development Project and the latest Tottenham news is rather sketchy to say the least.

First up was safety concerns surrounding the stadium (and in particular the electrical wiring) which caused the initial delay and confirmed that the home games against Liverpool and Cardiff would be switched to Wembley whilst also losing out on some serious revenue as the NFL clash between the Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders had to be moved to the National Stadium much to the frustration of the NFL.

The hope was that the home game against Manchester City on October 28th could be the game for the grand unveiling but that now seems all but a pipe dream which leads us nicely onto the next calamity to befall Tottenham's new Stadium.

Rather embarrassingly, a burst water pipe has caused carnage on site as water poured across the new stadium for up to three quarters of an hour as construction bosses did everything they could to stop the leak.

Reports claim the water leaked across live wiring and exposed panels causing extensive delays which is set to put back the project further.

When will the Stadium be Ready?

Unfortunately, it appears no one knows, or at least no one is saying if they do know.

There is an overriding feeling of disconnect from the fans to the club at the lack of communication, especially those who invested in a season ticket ready for the new season with the belief that it would only be the Fulham game that would be switched to Wembley.

This last-minute attitude by the club is causing serious issues such as where the clubs third round Carabao Cup tie will be played if drawn at home.

The ties are due to be played the week of September 24th, but Wembley is not an option which leaves Spurs homeless of they are handed a draw at home.

They could reverse the fixture or play at a neutral venue but that would have to be presented to the EFL in advance and with no home to go to, selecting to allow their opposition to play at home seems the only viable option unless a satisfactory neutral venue can be found.

That is most likely to be MK Dons' Stadium MK in Milton Keynes and a survey has been released but the club asking fans for their opinions and questions such as 'would they attend a League Cup game on neutral territory?'.

For now, it seems little is known about the plight of the new Stadium but just so long as Spurs keep winning on the pitch, does anyone really care?

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