Most Visible Sponsorships at UK Football Stadiums

Visible Sponsorship

Every football fan knows that the Premier League is the most popular and most-watched football competition in the world. As such, it attracts the best players, managers, as well as fans from many different countries. But, apart from football, this league also attracts big companies and corporations.

Many such companies own or try to purchase one of the Premier League clubs. But, there are also many brands that are trying to put their name all over the competition.

The best way to do that is by sponsoring the clubs on and off the field. It goes without saying that the most effective approach is to put their name and logo at the UK football stadiums for everyone to see. Below we'll reveal and describe the venues that feature the most visible sponsorships.

Etihad Stadium

Manchester City has one of the best as well as one of the youngest stadiums in the UK. It can support a total of 53,400 fans on the stands where the lowest seats are super close to the field.

This also pushes the advertising boards further down the field making them more visible to the spectators. However, the club's management decided to put up two sets of advertisement boards. Because of that, the fans watching from home can see much larger ads on the longer sides of the field.

There are also two advert boards behind the goals allowing the club to show two separate ads at once.

Molineux Stadium

The Wolverhampton Wanders' venue also features some highly visible sponsor ads. This stadium has a capacity of 32,050 and the stands are further away from the playing field. As such, the club decided to put up two sets of advertisement boards for better visibility of their sponsors.

There are also some static ads at the bottom of the two longer stands. Wolves often present one big advertisement that appears on the two sets of advert boards.

Because of this amazing visibility, many companies decide to sponsor stadiums such as Molineux. Among them are even the new online bookmakers that look for new customers at football matches.

Stamford Bridge

This is the famous stadium where Chelsea plays its home matches. It's one of the oldest stadiums in the UK with a capacity of 40,341. Here, the main camera angle is lower, unlike most other football venues.

Because of that, the spectators get to see the sponsor ads much clearer. It helps that the stands are much closer to the playing field, allowing for a better visualisation.

There is only one advertisement board at Stamford Bridge, but it’s enough for everyone to see the club’s sponsorships.


Sponsorships are also very visible at the Anfield stadium during the Liverpool matches. This venue can support up to 61,276 fans with the club using up almost every space in the stadium.

This means that the stands are very close to the field, pushing the advertisement board even closer. But, at this stadium, the ads appear bigger because the field features a smaller downhill. Spectators can clearly see the sponsorship ads even when the camera zooms out.

It's worth mentioning that there are advert boards throughout the entire length of the stadium, missing out only at the edge.

Old Trafford

Old Trafford is another old stadium that desperately needs a thorough renovation. But, on the bright side, it does feature great sponsorship visibility on the pitch.

The ads are visible from every spot of the 74,310 available seats as well as from the live broadcasts. At this stadium, the advertisement boards connect even at the edges. Because of that, the sponsors can present more animated ads that go all around the venue.

It also helps that the playing field doesn’t have a large downhill. That way, the grass wouldn’t cover the ads shown on the broadcasts.

Villa Park

Last but not least, we have Villa Park, a great stadium that can hold up to 42,640 fans. At this venue, the advertisement boards are very close to the stands as well as the playing field. They also appear much bigger, thanks to the slightly closer main camera angle.

The fact that the playing field is almost a flat surface goes in favour of the sponsors. It’s something that allows the advertisement boards to appear at full length.

Additionally, the advert boards at Villa Park go through almost the entire length of the stadium. This even includes the edge shows from the live broadcasts.

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