Premier League: Where's it going to take place?


Every year, over one billion homes from over 180 countries tune in to follow the action packed Premier League making it the most watched league in the world. Usually running between August and May, the premier league hosts some of the most popular football clubs, players, stadiums and football managers. This however hasn’t been the case as a result of the unpredictable year we have had. The season was put on hold for 100 days due to concerns regarding the Spread of the Corona Virus. Many enthusiasts and fans have been left wondering just how, when and where the league will take place given the recent move to resume league operations.

Explication of the Premier League

Also referred to as the English Premier League, this is the peak tier league level in the English Football League System. This 28 year old league sees 20 football clubs contest for the coveted title of English Champions through a system of promotion and relegation where teams are awarded 3 points for a win, one point for a draw and no points for a loss. The winning team usually is the one with the highest number of points at the end of the season and are given the Premier League title. The league season spans 380 matches with teams playing each other home and away. The 3 teams with the least merit in terms of points are usually relegated to the second tier of English Football, the Championship League while the top 3 clubs in the Championship are promoted to the Premier League.

In case the teams in the Premier League are tied, merit is determined based on Goal Difference and the sum of scored goals. The top 3 teams at the end of the Premier League are then eligible for the next seasons UEFA Champions’ League group stage. Those finishing in 4th place enter the UCL qualifying round. A 5th place finish can get a team into the UEFA Europa League along with the next best position should the winners of the FA Cup finish in the top 4.

The premier league also boasts of some of the best football stadiums in the world. And here is a brief on the Premier league stadiums in 2019/2020.

Popular Premier League Stadiums

English Premier League stadiums have managed to create unique auras over the years consequently giving them their popularity. These stadiums have been the venues for some of the most memorable action in football history. Each stadium is uniquely recognized and has etched its place among football enthusiasts.

Old Trafford

The rich history behind Old Trafford stadium gave it the name – Theatre of Dreams. The stadium is over a century old and is home to the Manchester United who, at 13 titles, have won the most premier league titles. The stadium has a seating capacity of 80,000 making the Red Devils one of the most supported football clubs in England, there are even plans underway to increase the capacity to 90,000.

Wembley Stadium

This enormous EPL stadium also serves as an aesthetic London landmark with its arch spanning 440 feet. Wembley has been the interim home ground for Tottenham Hotspurs for years before the opening of their official home grounds.

The Emirates Stadium

This home to Arsenal F.C has a capacity of 60,338 and is considered one of the most high tech facilities in England. The Emirates stadium grounds are recognized for their beauty and intimidation that are further emphasized by the passionate Arsenal fans who flock the venue.

Stamford Bridge

First thing that comes to mind when you think of Stamford is the blues, Chelsea. It was formerly known as Samfordesbrigge and was inaugurated in 1876. The club has gone to great lengths to make this a state of the art stadium sporting beautiful stands. It currently accommodates up to 41,798 people which is a considerably large number.


Anfield was set up in 1884 and is the 6th largest EPL stadium in England. The stadium has a seating capacity of 54,074 and recent renovations are expected to increase that number. Many memorable matches have been held here hence its popularity. Anfield serves as the home ground for Liverpool FC and is also mostly famous for its electric crowds.

Goodison Park

This is one of the old stadiums and has consequently been nicknamed The Grand Old Lady. It has a seating capacity of 40.167 fans and acts as the home grounds for Everton FC where other teams find it very intimidating to play at.


This is also known as the City of Manchester and is consequently the home ground for the Club Manchester City. It is a considerably new stadium in England having been set up in 2003. Fans are known to praise the stadiums architecture and its environment. It accommodates approximately 47,805 people but is marked for an upgrade to bring the seating capacity to 60,000.

St. James Park

This is one of the oldest stadiums having been opened in 1880. The stadium underwent a facelift in 1998 bringing its seating capacity to 52,405. The stadium is designed with uneven seats and as such players are separated from ongoing football action by 1000ft. The stadium acts as the homegrounds for Newcastle United.

Situation for this year

2020 has been one of the most unpredictable years yet. The Premier League was put on hold for a 100 days due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. This interfered with the league seasons calendar that usually runs from August to May. The Pandemic has also cost the league a staggering £1 billion according to Deloitte, in addition to other numerous ways the premier league has been hit by coronavirus restrictions. However starting June 17, the Premier League resumed its operations and the season was flagged off, with Aston Villa and Sheffield United battling it out. This however comes with a great many adjustments in normal league operations in an attempt to ensure some form of control on the ongoing pandemic crisis.

The first of the 92 league games will be played in 40 days and fixtures are expected to be played behind closed doors. The games will however be aired live for fans to be able to follow the action from the comfort of their homes. A minute of silence is to be observed for those who have succumbed to the Corona Virus and kits will have heart shaped badges to pay tribute to frontline NHS staff. The first 12 matches will also see player names on the backs of their shirts replace with the mantra, Black Lives Matter, with respect to George Floyd. It is however undeniable that many are celebrating the return of this much anticipated season.

Where to bet on the Premier League?

The betting industry has in many ways benefitted from the Premier League. Many online casinos have come up to offer sports betting services with regard to these league and it is consequently one of the most bet on leagues worldwide. To bet on the premier league one can visit one of the many online betting sites available in their country and place their wagers. There are a great many online casinos and sports books offering this popular avenue for online gambling on the EPL.

Can you bet on the Premier League in Ireland?

It is possible to bet on the Premier League while in Ireland. Online sports books operate in Ireland and interested parties are able to sign up to such sites and place their wagers for this action packed league game. In Ireland, you can choose to bet at a betting shop, or even in an online bookmaker such as William Hill, Unibet or Betiton. The positive side of Betiton is that it offers some special offers for new Irish players, you can click here to bet online in Ireland. Premier league in Ireland is a huge event, even the games will be played closed doors. Irish players are excited to see sport betting back.


The pandemic crisis has reshaped the world as we know it and consequently it has reshaped the Premier League. As the league resumes its operations many wonder how, when and where it will take place. This season’s games will mostly be played at stadiums of the home teams and behind closed doors. Games that are likely to pull crowds will take place at neutral venues to avoid crowds gathering outside the stadiums. A lot is likely to change with regards to the Premier League, but there is still no better way to spend your stay at home during this crisis than watching our favourite clubs battle it out for the coveted league title.

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