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The Greenhous Meadow Stadium has an all seated capacity of just under 10,000 and was only opened in time for the start of the 2007-08. All four stands are built to the same specification and all are quite steep allowing for fans to be close to the field of play. Being a new stadium, leg room isn't a problem and the facilities are second to none compared to a lot of its rival grounds at this level.

Away Fans

Visiting supporters are situated in the north stand at one end of the ground behind the goal where up to 1,800 visitors can be catered for. The views and facilities are very good as you'd expect from a new stadium and the leg room is also very spacious. Refreshments aren't cheap but aren't overpriced and alcohol is also freely available.

Stadium Layout

Greenhous Meadow seating plan:

Greenhous Meadow seating plan

Where To Drink

Albion Vaults is situated outside of the train station so if you fancy a drink immediately after stepping off the train this Pub is recommended. The closest pubs to the new stadium are The Charles Darwin and The Peacock Inn.

The Darwin is situated just of Sutton Rd around 200 metres away from Oteley Road and The Peacock is also on Sutton Rd only its around 200 metres further. Restaurants in Shrewsbury that are recommended include The Peach Tree Restaurant, The Armoury, Country Friends and Drapers.


Parking isn't too difficult to find. The club operates a car park but unless you arrive early and are willing to pay over the odds, you'll be better off passing the stadium and heading into the local residential area to look for a space. It's approximately 10-15 minutes walk from there. There are one or two private car parks but they only appear to be open on certain match days.

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By Train

The nearest / closest train station to Shrewsbury's Greenhous Meadow Stadium is Shrewsbury. The railway station is approximately two miles and 35-40 minutes by foot, away from the ground.

My recommendation is to jump into one of the taxi's at the rank outside the station but you also have the option of getting one of the buses that run the route from the town centre. Numbers 8, 16 and 23 all stop close to the ground and pick up from the same place.

The Games To See

Rivals - Hereford, Wrexham, Walsall, Wolves

Fans Reviews

  • Travel: A bit like Colchester! A football ground that it seems it's town wants nothing to do with plonked out on the outskirts of town with football parking unwelcome all over! Luckily as I headed towards town, despite signs saying no football parking everywhere, a pub called Brooklands had put out a sign saying they had parking for a fiver so parked there, about a 10 minute walk to the ground and dead easy getting out so could have been worse. Only permit holders can park at the ground.

    Refreshments: Ł3.10 for a bloody steak pie! It was nice, but not THAT nice! Other than that, you're looking at McDonalds on the retail park and that's about it for civilisation.

    Impressions: Like Colchester. Seriously.

    Atmosphere: Awful, absolutely awful.

    Anything Else: The ‘walkway’ from the ground out to the main road or the retail park… was very poor! Pitch black, narrow, muddy, the path opens out into a field or a subway, cut through the subway and you find yourself in Sainsbury'’s loading bay! Unbelievable.

    Enjoy: Awful. If I hadn't already been to Colchester, this would be my worst! The only thing it really has over Colchester is that the fans have made a bit of an effort by putting flags up to try and personalise the place.

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Ground Name: Greenhous Meadow
Capacity: 9,875 (all seated)
Address: Oteley Road, Shrewsbury, SY2 6ST
Main Tel No.: 0871 811 8800
Team Nickname: The Shrews, Salop
Year Ground Opened: 2007


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