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White Hart Lane has a capacity of 36,310. All four stands are the same height and with all corners enclosed it helps to keep the generated atmosphere inside. The only stand that has obscured views is the East. It has 2 large supporting pillars although you have to be very unlucky for these to be anything more than a very slight distraction. The jumbotron screens at each end of the stadium built into the roofs above to goals are very impressive and unlike any other ground of this age. The lower tiers of the North, South and East stands are all of a decent size stretching back approximately 25 rows where as the West stand lower is only 13 rows deep.

Away Fans

Up to approximately 3,000 visiting supporters can be catered for at White Hart Lane and they're situated in the south-west corner of the ground in both the upper and lower tiers. The views from either section is excellent and leg room is more than you'll find at many other stadiums. The facilities and refreshment outlets are excellent and not over priced with pies, burger and hot dogs available from around £2.

Stadium Layout

White Hart Lane seating plan:

White Hart Lane seating plan

Where To Drink

Tottenham High Road has numerous cash machines, fast food outlets, bars and pubs, newsagents and bookmakers, and programs are on sale at numerous points around the ground. As far as pubs go, home fans might enjoy the Antwerp Arms on Bruce Castle Park, or the Corner Pin adjacent to the ground, both of which require tickets to be shown at the door. Away fans can chance The Ship near Bruce Grove station which is generally a very friendly bar to drink in. Currently one of best watering holes for home fans is the Bill Nicholson - lots of Spurs memorabilia, BBQ in the garden (in all weather) and just a 2 minutes walk from the ground.


Parking close to the ground is virtually impossible unless you're willing to pay in excess of £10-£15 for a space. However, street parking is available up towards North Middlesex Hospital. The roads around here are in the borough of Enfield and not part of the controlled zone that permit holders only are allowed to park in. It does mean you have a 15 minute walk to the stadium but in truth it's worth saving the parking money. Saving the cost of paying to park for two league games would almost enable you to buy the new home shirt!

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By Train

The nearest / closest train station to Tottenham Hotspur's White Hart Lane Stadium is White Hart Lane. This overground railway station is well served, with trains running regularly from Liverpool Street. The nearest tube is Seven Sisters on the Victoria line, but that leaves a 30 minute walk.

Served by the Liverpool Street - Hertford East line, White Hart Lane station is a five minute walk from the ground - on leaving the station descend the steps and turn right along White Hart Lane, crossing Love Lane. At the T-junction, turn right into Tottenham High Road.

The Games To See

Rivals - Arsenal, Chelsea

Fans Reviews

  • Travel: Got coach twice, train the rest. First time we got the train, we went from Watford, as we usually do, only there were awful roadworks on the M1 so we were pretty late. Then we finally got to Seven Sisters to find the last train before kick off had just left… followed a Spurs fan outside and jumped on a bus, got off outside the ground, legged it and up the seemingly endless stairs, up to our seats just in time for the ref to blow the whistle to start the game, awesome timing! In general though, its not bad by train, just a bit packed, and White Hart Lane Station is only 5 minutes from the ground.

    Refreshments: The chippy just outside the station does a lovely chips and curry, but there’s literally a million choices to eat on Tottenham High Road.

    Impressions: In my opinion, the upper tier is the best away end in the Premier League, probably the Football League actually. Flawless views, brilliant atmosphere, plenty of space downstairs. Unlike Bolton too, even though it's high up, it still feels enclosed and close enough to the action.

    Atmosphere: Definitely one of the best in the Premiership. The fact that you are so close to the Spurs fans definitely helps, as when they sing, you feel almost in the middle of it, so when both sets of fans get going, its very impressive indeed.

    Anything Else: I took a friend to White Hart Lane one season who had never been to a match before. I had spent years trying to explain to her what the big deal is, and said I just hope we score a goal at least, as there is no way to describe the absolute madness when we went 1-0 up after 2 minutes. I think she understood! Though it was even funnier when we scored the second, as she is only quite small compared to me, and when it went in, I lifted her up onto my shoulders and jumped around like a loon! Classic away trip!

    Enjoy: I love it, by far my favourite regular away ground.

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Ground Name: White Hart Lane
Capacity: 36,310 (all seated)
Address: Bill Nicholson Way, 748 High Rd, Tottenham, London, N17 0AP
Main Tel No.: 0844 499 5000
Team Nickname: Spurs
Year Ground Opened: 1900


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