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Scunthorpe United moved to Glanford Park in 1988 making it the first new football league ground to be built since the Second World War. The more vociferous home fans tend to stand behind the goal opposite the away fans and this stand is the only terracing in the stadium. Both stands running alongside the pitch offer good views of the action and are all seated but all have many supporting pillars which can and probably will obstruct your view. All 4 corners are filled which helps generate atmosphere.

Away Fans

Visiting supporters are situated in the south stand behind one of the goals where up to 1,650 fans can be accommodated. There are a few supporting pillars in here that can obstruct your view but if you avoid those it's generally a very good little ground that generates a good atmosphere to be part of. Facilities are ok and refreshments are very reasonably priced with hot dogs, burgers, bacon sandwiches and pies all under 2.20.

Stadium Layout

Glanford Park seating plan:

Glanford Park seating plan

Where To Drink

Near the ground, the Berkeley is open to visiting fans. In the run up to kick off you'll get a good amount of banter between home and away fans. To find it, follow the main road towards Scunthorpe past the stadium and the pub is on the left as you reach the first roundabout.

The Old Farmhouse is another option and is situated on the Doncaster Road just off the M181, near to the ground. It offers a choice of lagers and beers and has a decent set of facilities such as a pool table, sky TV, bar food and a restaurant. Away fans are also welcome.


The stadium is built in the middle of a residential area and although there is plenty of street parking if you arrive early, there is a large car park at the stadium itself charging 3 per vehicle. My advice however, is to arrive early and try and get away early. This avoids parking far away before the game and also avoids a long queue trying to escape afterwards.

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By Train

The nearest / closest train station to Scunthorpe United's Glanford Park Stadium is Scunthorpe. The railway station is around two miles away, so a taxi might be the best option to reach the ground from here.

If you do fancy a walk, here's how to get there: Exit the station and turn left onto Station Rd. After a 200 or so yards the road becomes Church Lane. Continue to walk along here for just under a mile. Once you reach the T junction at the end turn right onto Kingsway/A18 and follow the road for another mile (going straight across one roundabout) all the way up to the stadium.

The Games To See

Rivals - Lincoln, Hull, Grimsby, Doncaster

Fans Reviews

  • Travel: Couldn't be easier. Motorway all the way, and the M181 runs right alongside the ground. Parking, there is actually very little of it near the ground bar at the ground itself, which apparently takes an eternity to get out. We parked at a garden centre just past the ground. 2, on our way before 5.15, couldn't be better.

    Refreshments: The ground is next to a retail park, so that's your obvious food choice. As for pubs, not so much. There is a pub on the retail park, but they apparently don't let you in with colours, so the only other pub within ages bar at the ground itself is a hotel called the Berkeley a little way past the ground towards town, but I've never seen a bar more packed, and they didn't even have tellies showing the match. Rubbish.

    Impressions: Awful. The seats are like Luton, where they have an extra step on each row of seats, making it a bit awkward if anyone wants to get past, its shallow, the bar was ridiculously packed at half time, it basically has very little going for it!

    Atmosphere: The worst I've ever seen, and that is no exaggeration! I've been to enough cup ties at lower league grounds to know that they can lift themselves when they get a big draw, but they were as lifeless as the team were. We got going in spells, but it felt more like a pre season game the team made it that easy.

    Enjoy: There aren't many grounds where I can't find any redeeming feature about the place. This is one of them. Dull and lifeless.

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Ground Name: Glanford Park
Capacity: 9,183 (all seated)
Address: Doncaster Rd, Scunthorpe, DN15 8TD
Main Tel No.: 0871 221 1899
Team Nickname: The Iron
Year Ground Opened: 1988


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